Trans-Fem* is a peer support group for anyone looking to cultivate a more femme gender expression, presentation, and/or identity. We meet for support and discussion around what it means to be on the trans-feminine spectrum. There are no requirements for transition status or presentation to attend this group.

Trans-Fem* is currently holding virtual and in-person support group meetings. In-person meetings do not require any sign-up. For more information about group or to access online meetings please contact For information about our current meeting venue or their covid policies please see Q Center's website.

Meeting Schedule

  1. Wednesday May 17th | Support Group at Q Center
    in Portland, OR @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm Pacific
  2. Wednesday May 24th | Support Group on Zoom
    Zoom Link- password is 'transpower' @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm Pacific
  3. Wednesday May 31st | Support Group on Zoom
    Zoom Link- password is 'transpower' @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm Pacific

Group Intentions and Etiquette

Our one broad group agreement is to be kind. Some examples of what being kind might look like in a peer support group space include:

By thinking about and implementing these ideas as you navigate your time at Trans-Fem* you can help yourself get support and help others get effective support as well.

Zoom (online group) Tips

Please mute yourself unless talking (you can use spacebar/alt+a on a computer to unmute) to avoid background noise. A group facilitator might mute you if they hear background noise, feel free to unmute when you are ready to talk. Using the Gallery view allows you to see everyone at once.


Trans-Fem* is facilitated by members of the trans community in Portland. Contact with questions.